Religious Education

The College Religious Education team deliver a meaningful, engaging, academically rigorous and spiritually inspiring Religious Education program.聽

Students from Year Five through to Year Twelve study a mandatory course in Religious Education. Year Five to Year Ten learn through a curriculum designed to nourish their spirituality, to develop a personal relationship with Christ, to inform their conscience, develop a sense of belonging, a sense of place within the unfolding mission of the Church and the skills required to be an agent of change in a world thirsty for justice. The curriculum offered follows that of Catholic Schools Broken Bay, under the auspices of the Bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Year Eleven and Year Twelve partake in one of two courses of study.聽

  • Studies of Religion
  • Studies in Catholic Thought

The Studies of Religion course is an academically rigorous course of study that contributes to a student鈥檚 final ATAR. This course explores the important role of religion through studying the three Abrahamic traditions. It is offered as both a One Unit and Two Unit Course.

The Studies in Catholic Thought course seeks to develop a student鈥檚 knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith and of Christianity. It will explore the theology, scripture and philosophy that underpin the understanding of the human person within the Catholic tradition, and the Christian life of virtue that follows. This course is a non ATAR course.